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微信公众平台SDK Senparc.Weixin for C#,支持.NET Framework及.NET Core。已支持微信公众号、小程序、小游戏、企业号、企业微信、开放平台、微信支付、JSSDK、微信周边等全平台。 WeChat SDK for C#.

  • Updated Oct 24, 2020
  • C#
MartinCarpentier commented Dec 29, 2018

Expected Behavior / New Feature

Support sticky sessions for ServiceDiscoveryProviders

Actual Behavior / Motivation for New Feature

When using websockets with ocelot in a distributed system, problem can arise since ocelot, as far as i know, doesn't support sticky sessions when working with service discovery providers.

The functionality could be great if it could work with both consul

Skrypt commented Oct 5, 2020

If you create an admin menu node in which you decide to display all content types and that you set a global icon to use on all of them it will display the icon only on the first content type item in that node. It should display the same icon for all the menu items.

The issue seems to be in the ContentTypesAdminNodeNavigationBuilder where it does GetIconClasses.


gdkchan commented Sep 14, 2020

Feature Request

Trace log level.

What feature are you suggesting?


We should add a new "Trace" log level that would be used for things that needs a high amount of logs, and would be normally undesirable to enable unless the person is trying to diagnose a specific issue.

Example of things that should use such "Trace" level are the kernel syscall logs and IPC call l

oliverholliday commented Jan 23, 2019

The built in --help and --version outputs are printed to stderr instead of stdout, you have to redirect them to use the commands properly.

test --version returns the version number, but on stderr not stdout.

test --version 2>nul returns no output.
test --version 2>&1 prints the version to stdout as expected.

Created by Microsoft

Released February 13, 2002

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