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A Twitter bot that posts interesting bounty questions from Stack Overflow.
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BountyBot downloads 'featured' (bountied) questions from Stack Overflow, picks 
the most interesting one based on the amount of the bounty and the score of
the question, then posts a link to the question on Twitter.

Example account updated by this script:

Scheduling needs to be done by an external process like cron or Windows Task Scheduler.

Author: Bill Cruise
(Bill the Lizard on Stack Overflow, @lizardbill on Twitter)

Dependencies: tweepy (
Stack Exchange API:
Twitter API:


Configuration is controlled through settings.cfg which must be in the same
directory as  Your Twitter Application ID tokens need to be
stored in this file to give the script permission to post status messages
on your Twitter account.  This section is required, so expect the bounty bot
script to throw errors if you don't include it.  The Stack Exchange OAuth
section is optional, but you may run into API throttling if you try to
run the script too often without it.

Example settings.cfg

[Twitter OAuth]
CONSUMER_KEY: Your Consumer Key
CONSUMER_SECRET: Your Consumer Secret
ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY: Your Access Token Key
ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET: Your Access Token Secret

[Stack Exchange OAuth]
KEY: Your Stack Exchange OAuth Key


Status messages will be saved in a file named status.log in the same directory with  The target window for bounty expiration, the status message posted to Twitter, and the bounty expiration time are all logged to this file.

Error messages will be saved in error.log.
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