Linear CCD based spectrophotometer
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Arduino Code/Spectrophotometer
Processing Code
Iodine Clock Reaction.pdf

#BHA Spectrophotometer

This repo contains the designs and source files of a DIY Spectrophotometer. This device, based on the TSL1402R IC, can be used to do a photospectral analysis of liquid samples, such as growth curve analysis. Check out the corresponding BHA lecture in the Syllabus for more information.

##Navigation the repo

BHA_Spectrophotometer/					main repo
|-- Arduino Code/Spectrophotometer/		Arduino Code
|-- Assembly/							Assembly guide
|-- Processing Code						Processing User interface code									Bill of Materials
Iodine Clock Reaction.pdf				Tutorial
Spectrophotometer-Cut-Sheet.svg			Laser cut sheet
Spectrophotometer-Fritzing.fzz			Wiring source
Spectrophotometer-Sketchup.skp			3D model


The BioHack Academy 3 release contains the following:

  • 2015 BHA1 Design
  • 2015 BHA2 Design
  • 2016 BHA3 Design

To Do

The To Do's are tracked using the Issues section. Please maket more suggestions by posting there.

  • Replace the TSL1406R because of obsolescence. Currently testing the TSL1401CL as an alternative.


All code is licensed under GNU General Public License.

All designs are licensed under Creative Commons Contribution Share-Alike license

Copyright Waag Society