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BioHack Academy Magnetic Stirrer
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Magnetic Stirrer-Cut-Sheet.svg

#BHA Stirrer This repo contains the designs and source files of a DIY Magnetic Stirrer. Such a device is used to stir liquids continiously for a long period of time. The optional heating pad keeps the liquid warm, it is not design for boiling or cooking.

The electronics of this device demonstrate parallel and serial wiring schemes. Instead of using 3 switches to set the power of the heating pad, you could also go for a potential meter.

##Navigation the repo

BHA_Stirrer/						main repo
|-- Pictures/						Photo documentation								Bill of Materials
Magnetic-Stirrer-Cut-Sheet.svg		Laser cut sheet
Magentic-Stirrer-Fritzing.fzz		Wiring documentation
Magnetic-Stirrer-Sketchup.skp		Sketchup 3D design


The BioHack Academy 3 release contains the following:

  • 2015 BHA1 Design
  • 2015 BHA2 Design
  • 2016 BHA3 Design

To Do

  • Temperature control via feedback loop

Please maket more suggestions by posting in the Issues section of this GitHub Repo.

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