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iSpy v1.0 is now obsolete

v2.0 will be released shortly and contains many, many enhancements.

iSpy Assessment Framework

iSpy aims to be your one-stop-shop for reverse engineering and dynamic analysis of iOS applications.

Current Release

The current release is a developer preview; code is subject to change, and will be unstable. However, we appreciate code contributions, feature requests, and bug reports. We currently do not have binary releases, stay tuned!



  • Easy to use Web GUI
  • Class dumps
  • Instance tracking
  • Automatic jailbreak-detection bypasses
  • Automatic SSL certificate pinning bypasses
  • Re-implemented objc_msgSend for logging and tracing function calls in realtime
  • Cycript integration; access Cycript from your browser!
  • Anti-anti-method swizzling
  • Automatic detection of vulnerable function calls
  • Easy to use soft-breakpoints
  • More on the way!
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