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BitWasp is an open source PHP project which allows anyone to set up a secure bitcoin marketplace independent of other centralized services.

It features multi-signature transactions, meaning no live wallet to steal. Users can also recover their funds from the site if it goes offline.

BitWasp is not production ready

This project is very much under development, and not yet ready for an alpha. Please be aware the project has not yet underdone extensive security testing and the code is liable to change. Please download and test the code by all means, but don't complain if it does something unexpected.


For the most up-to-date information on how to install BitWasp, please see here:,28.0.html

Support BitWasp's Development

All money from donations go to fund BitWasp's development, hosting, and bounties for bug's.

Our Bitcoin Address: 19EkDTAaGWySZv1QsWxyWwYMZpo7jpvPYe

Anyone interested in contributing code or time to help with testing, please get in touch!

Features list:,4.msg4.html#msg4