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Ninjawars repository

The source code dojo for the Ninja Game @ .

Ninjawars Build Automation

Semaphore Build Status Deployment status from DeployBot


Install your webserver (nginx + php8.2-fpm recommended) & configure it

sudo apt-get install php8.2-cli php8.2-fpm nginx

On your database server, install postgresql & configure it

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Set up the environment variables, get the github token from here:

export DBUSER=EGkzqai
sed "0,/postgres/{s/postgres/${DBUSER}/}" deploy/ > deploy/resources.php
sed "s|/srv/ninjawars/|../..|g" deploy/tests/karma.conf.js > karma.conf.js

Local Prep to install php-cli or similar and needed php extensions:

sudo make install-system

configure, make, make install:

# edit your generated CONFIG file here
make db-init-all
make db-fixtures
make check

Get the database working, then make install

sudo make install

To sync up to the latest db changes:

cd /srv/ninjawars
sudo bash ./scripts/build/

Start up the chat server with this:

sudo make start-chat

Then you can run the tests to check your progress with:

make test

See ./docs/INSTALL if you need more.

Deployment Process

Ninjwars is deployed helpfully via Deploybot Triggered by pull request merges.

Run the Docker

  • Init tagged image: docker build -t nw-server .
  • Run it: docker run --rm -it -p 7654:7654 nw-server
  • Stop the container: docker stop nw-server

To Contribute