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jkazma-logisk commented Jul 3, 2020

Similar to #1196

Issue details

If a game is paused for a long time, after resuming, will give the delta of the entire pause duration. This causes freeze/stutter on resume as the game tries to process possibly hours worth of delta. This was fixed for the android version but not for iOS which makes it inconsistent across backends.

Version of LibGDX an

heinezen commented Sep 8, 2020

Required skills: Python

Difficulty: Easy

openage currently stores information about a game edition or expansion inside an Enum, e.g. media paths, support status, etc. We should store this information in an auxiliary file instead, similar to #1312. That would make updating and correcting game information easier as we no longer have to replace chunks of code.

The recommended appro

olistic commented May 25, 2018

Currently, when entering epic mode the README is frozen in the last level of the tower. When you're trying to fine-tune the score for a level other than the last one, it would be helpful if we had the README for that level available. The proposal is that when entering epic mode, the README is updated with all levels, one following the other.


# Starbolt - beginner
dabreegster commented Oct 21, 2020

A/B Street has some modelling for public transit vehicles and riders, but it's quite incomplete. I'm not going to have any time to work on it soon, but I think it'd make a very fun project to jump in. I'm quite willing to mentor / help things along!

Some end goals could be:

  • previewing how a proposed/future rapid transit route will help its riders
  • exploring+proposing small changes to speed

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