Marshall Long

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Marshall "Mining Prince" Long

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Marshall is one of the worst serial scammers in the Bitcoin space. He's a pure scammer, meaning he doesn't even try to create functioning businesses and services, they are from the outset meant to scam people. His scamming is so obvious that I'm surprised that he hasn't had more heat. In fact, his scams depend on him staying somewhat out of the limelight. So he's not out there trying to make big differences and grab headlines. He does just enough press to get idiots to invest. The best way to effect his is to shine some light on him.

Outrageous claims

  • Been in bitcoin since 2009
    • There's not records of him being in bitcoin prior to 2013
    • He's been asked for any proof, like an address or a block id that he can sign to prove 2009
    • There's record of Long being in Houston and being "bored" and into the drifting scene in 2012, no mention of bitcoin
  • Being the largest miner in North America
    • Made this claim in 2015
    • Claimed it was off grid with near zero electricity cost
    • Many people on bitcoin talk searched for this mining farm
    • Claim changed to the largest "hosting" miner in NA
    • As people continued to press him on it, the claim changed again to simply a host
    • Lastly, it now changed to being a "consultant" for enterprise level mining contracts
    • There was never any mining, it was a pure money laundering scheme
  • Being very well connected in China mining scene
    • He apparently created a nickname for himself over there, "Mining Prince"
    • Married to a Chinese woman

Marshall's Scams

  • FinalHash
    • This was Long's big mining scam
    • Couldn't find much evidence of any mining at all
    • Started shootoffs like Hashers United
    • Could easily get involved with mining scams
  • Betarigs - exited with lots of people trying to get their money back (Ahmed)
  • Paycoin (lots of evidence he conspired with Garza)
  • GAW - selling/buying rigs for them
  • MAT
  • Crypsy as “interim-CTO” “CTO, co-founder” moving their operations to China
  • Mintsy
  • Mining in general which there's no evidence of large scale mining
  • A drone company he claims to own, but all evidence says he's not involved. He provided an image to "prove" he owns some equity, but it's redacted and sketchy.
  • There's no record, post, or connection to anything in bitcoin prior to 2013
  • He pals around with Ver
  • His lawyer/finalhash partner Leo Iruke was a practiced conman. Lawyer of Awesome Penny Stocks, connected to phone scams, all via Houston. Long said “3 guys decided to start mining.” I would be surprised if it really was 3 conmen.
  • eBoost e-sports gaming ICO - Exploded shortly after launch and dumping. Fits the MO of his partners who directly ran penny stock pump and dump scams.
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