@PeterSurda PeterSurda released this Feb 13, 2018 · 294 commits to v0.6 since this release

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This version is an update on 0.6.3 with a more strict exploit mitigation code. Users of 0.6.2 should either upgrade to or downgrade to 0.6.1.

February 16th: Windows binary available, signed both with a code signing key and a GPG key. Note: there won't be a 64bit Windows binary for due to a lack of time. The new network subsystem has significantly improved CPU and memory requirements so you shouldn't be running low on memory even with the 32bit binary.

February 17th: OSX binary available, only GPG signed, will be released code signed in the near future.

February 19th: OSX code signing delayed for a couple of days for technical reasons.