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Launch Date August 15, 2014 - Live Now!!!


Supernova : https://abun.suprnova.cc/

Max Miners : https://abc.maxminers.net/

ABC MinerPool : http://abc.minerpools.com/

Swiss Pool : https://abc.swisspool.org/


C-CEX: https://c-cex.com/?p=abc-btc

Ticker : ABC

PoW / PoS / PoE

Introducing ABUNDANCE! (ABC) An Income Coin. Featuring Fair PoW & Earned Giveaway Distribution 7 Days of X11 PoW

Only 500,000 Coins Will Be Minted before Generous PoS

PoS Percentages Decrease each month and continue over 8 years. With The Combination Of Minting/PoS After 8 years

Coin specs

Name: Abundance (ABC) Algo: X11 Block time: 30 sec PoS starts at block: 8640 (after 3 days) Last PoW block: 21600 (PoW ends after 7 days) PoS minimum age: 8 hours PoS maximum age: 30 days Block Reward (1-100): Pre-mine in first block and then blocks 2-100 zero rewards Block Reward (101-20160): 17.7 ABC Last POW block: 7 days of mining Total POW coins: 355,000 Block retarget: every 20 blocks POS interest: - Variable - See Below Coins stake after: 24 Hours Confirmations per transaction: 3 Premine : 145,000 out of 500,000 max for PoW

Breakdown of Distribution: 355,000 PoW 145,000 PoE

I. Introduction II. Who? III. Highlights and Advantages of this coin IV. Our Giveaway: Introducing Proof of Effort (POE)

I. Introduction:

Abundance (ABC)

Abundance is a concept of spreading the wealth of a coin (or Abundance) and allowing its holders to make residual income off of the coin through the PoS algorithm. We call this an INCOME coin. We’ll make no further promises other than we’re going to do or best as a team and that this coin direct response of empty promises and disappearing development teams...

The Abundance (ABC) development team welcomes the challenge of earning your trust.

II. Who?

We’re Bittzy78 and JDS1000 and we run CryptoSandwich and love to give away coins. The Sandwich community is among the largest and strongest in CryptoLand. We’re experienced at working on and with coin development teams promoting coins, working closely with exchanges and running successful businesses.

Our Team:

Bittzy78 - Co-Founder https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=192898 Development Team for Coin2 & Moderator for Coinzen, BitcoinGarden Forums

JDS1000 - Co-Founder CryptoSandwich

QiBucks - Facebook Marketing and Communications CryptoSphere/BitBillions

RichFinch Design & Graphics/Communications support

Smart15 Manager of Distributions/Multipool

II. Highlights and Advantages of this Coin: Highlights

Innovations - Sure we’re a shitcoin as far as the technology is concerned, but we've come up with 2 things that differentiates ABC from other coins...

In Distribution: PoE - "Proof of Effort" This one involves no mining, but human efforts. It's not a true giveaway coin like CommunityCoin or Coin2, as we require effort/promotion/social media tasks in order to help create momentum and community for Abundance.

Income/PoS - Abundance is so aggressive in its staking/interest, that we're calling it an income coin. The act of holding this coin creates income to the tune of 20% monthly interest or over 240% annual interest in the 1st month and gradually tapers off over time...

We want to reward people for holding Abundance and think that more coins will start copying this income approach...

ABC has 2 distinct PoE phases of distributing our coins to those that earn them....

PoW - Yes there is mining - concentration of 355,000 Coins over 10 Days.

How do I attain Abundance? We are very inclusionary... PoE: ABC can be earned by via PoE detailed below. PoE: ABC can be earned by voting in Phase Two. PoW: ABC can be mined. Abundance will be available via the leading Exchanges

Proof of Stake Percentages Month 1 - 20% Monthly Interest (240% Annual) Month 2 - 10% Monthly Interest (120% Annual) Month 3 - 7.5% Monthly Interest (90% Annual) Month 4 - 5% Monthly Interest (60% Annual) Month 5 2.5% Monthly Interest (30% Annual) Months 6-12 1.25% Monthly Interest (15% Annual) Years 2-4 5% Annual Interest Years 5-8 2.5% Annual Interest

Abundance mining pools -



Name - Desireable Acronym (ABC) will be near the top of the exchanges alphabetically. (This sounds funny but I remember liking that about ZetaCoin on Cryptsy - Easy to find is an advantage). Name is Synonomous with Success/Thriving

Distribution Earn coins with and/or without mining is a new concept Earned by voting and actively participating and becoming a part of something Round 2 Distribution dependent of Exchange Votes

Team contains Coin Marketing Industry Leaders with lots of relationships and earned goodwill Largest, most-focused marketing team - everyone doing what they are great at. Incentivized to succeed - and only receive bounties upon delivery. Community Launching with>500 Significant Stakeholders Incentives to hold (Aggressive PoS and 2nd Round Distribution).

IV. Our Giveaway: Introducing Proof of Effort

Now it’s time that many of you have been waiting for - The Giveaway! (Do NOT list any confirmations here on BitcoinTalk).

There are listed here or here - Where do we want to giveaway our coin? Should we get a kickback or premium for the traffic we will bring?

Phase I - Starts on Monday 8/18, 3 Days following Launch. Allow up to 12 Days for Payout .

E1 - Social Media (50 ABC) Up to 600 people... (50ABC=1/10,000 of all ABC prior to PoS).

Twitter: Must have at least 50 Followers Follow Twitter Tweet Bittrex Tweet 1 Approved Exchange Retweet Giveaway Subscribe to SubReddit Like Us on Facebook

IF you are short on the Twitter follower requirement: List other efforts... Bitcointalk Signature Vote for us - Spread the word and show us what you’ve done…. Anything Else??? 600*50 =30,00ABC

E2 - Broadcast Marketing (150 ABC) Up to 20 people... Write an Article for media outlet and support with Twitter 20*150=3,000 (Each qualifier receives 3,333 of entire initial distribution)

E3 - Technical Wallets MAC - 600 ABC Claimed - karimdr2 DROID - 600 ABC IOS - 600 ABC Paper Wallet - 100 ABC BLOCK EXPLORER - 100 ABC

E4- Translations (100 ABC) 10*100=1000 (1/5000 of entire initial ABC distribution) Chinese - Claimed

E5- Salaries (Variable) - Currently 6 people w/ avg. 625 ABC per Month Marketing - Claimed Support - Claimed Developer - Available

Phase II - Starts ~45 Days after launch-

E6 - Merchants (Variable) Accept ABC for anything you sell!

E7 - Voting All the Remaining ABC go here (HitBTC/CoinPayments/BTER/Cryptsy/MintPal 2.0)

Social Media

Twitter - https://twitter.com/ABC_Coin

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AbundanceCrypto

Reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Abundance_ABC

IRC - https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/#AbundanceCoin


Windows: https://mega.co.nz/#!0gN3XZIS!xRA_IeIgXmZhKoWG1p7e6bJ8buXF0zzq6XYY4mVOHn8

Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t3h1bsfsvjidmbn/Abundance-qt.exe

Mac: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5xt3wdz8jcic7xm/Abundance-Qt.zip - Bounty still needs to be paid

Linux: https://mega.co.nz/#!otUgCBhD!l7gnwiVP9jRgVSM2d8eLkkSsuopgUepSyF2h5Tx61Js

Github GIthub: Https://github.com/AbundanceSource/ABC-Source

Block Explorers

Crypto Be - http://cryptobe.com/chain/AbundanceCoin

Other languages

Russian - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=741835.0 (Bounty still needs to be paid)

Chinese - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=742577.new#new

Portuguese - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=742740.0 Bounty still needs to be paid