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Welcome to KREM!

KREM is a very lightweight automation framework. KREM is also suitable for testing. KREM runs jobs made up of tasks executed in sequence, in parallel or a combination of both.

KREM is written in Python, but can execute scripts and programs written in any language.

We are continuously improving KREM. We want to keep KREM as lightweight and compact as possible, at the same time allowing extended functionality through a plugin interface.

We will provide some plugins, but anyone is more than welcome to contribute. Plugins can be found here:

KREM support Python 2.7 and 3.6 in Linux.

KREM in Windows is supported in Git Bash and Cygwin.

Please see the User Manual for more information docs/

Quick start guide

get KREM

git clone

install KREM

cd krem directory
source ~/.bashrc

create a project

krem init –p project_foo
cd project_foo

create a job (from template)

krem init –j job_foo

create a task (from template)

krem init –t task_foo

run the job

krem run –j job_foo

list jobs

krem list –j

list tasks

krem list –t

We appreciate any feedback!