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IATI Implementation Schedule XML generator

This code generates XML files from IATI Implementation Schedules in the XLS (Microsoft Excel) format, that follow this template. It can also be used to produce a schema to validate such XML files against.

Sample output can be found at

Quick Start

These instructions assume a unix-like system with git installed.

If you haven't already, clone the git repository

git clone
cd iati-implementationxml

Install the required python dependencies. E.g. on Debian, run:

sudo aptitude install python-lxml python-xlrd python-parsedatetime


wget ""
tar -xvzf schedules.tar.gz
mkdir xml
cd xml
wget ""
cd ..

The xml/ directory should then have several validating xml files, and a corresponding schema.

More Options

Run python for a list of command-line options for processing single files.


A copy of the schema produced can be found at

The schema closely follows the structure of the spreadsheets, with each of the children of the root element corresponding to a single sheet. For the most part, the children of these elements correspond to rows, whose children or attributes then correspond to cells.

The schema contains inline documentation. In addition, an auto-extracted HTML version can be found at

If you wish to generate the documentation yourself, you need xs3p. See for an example of usage.