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Latest version: 2.6 - 25 April 2024 - Github Downloads (total)

The files in this zip archive will add an old-style "Magic Eye", or else "Cat's Eye" gadget to SDR# software ( This Plugin is compiled for SDR# 32bit, with .NET 8 (SDR# Studio release >= 1920)
An analog-style SNR Meter has also been implemented.

1. Unzip the file
2. Copy the SDRSharp.MagicEye.dll file into the SDR# Studio "Plugins" default folder
3. Alternate, should you prefer, create your own folder inside the default "Plugins" it could be "MagicEye", and copy there the SDRSharp.MagicEye.dll instead.
>SDRSharp will load your plugin at next execution.

Update to a new version:
1. Close SDR#.
2. Unzip the new zip file
3. Replace your old the SDRSharp.MagicEye.dll file with the new one.
>SDRSharp will load the new version plugin at next execution.

Release note/changelog :

Plugin download (zip file):

This plugin is donated for free to the huge SDR# users community.

For comments:

A beautiful internet source on "Magic Eyes" (credits to Howard in Randolph, Massachusetts):

Enjoy! MagicEye 2 2 - GITHUB