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Principles and Practice of Conscientious Mechanism


The universe is a vast machine, even the most massive of celestial events are governed by the interaction of the same set of physical rules that govern the minutiae of our daily lives. Any machine left unmaintained is bound to an entropic decline into chaos; a functioning universe needs engineers: this is us.

Humanity represents the pinnacle of organised systems, our emergent intelligence has allowed us to pick up the baton from evolution and be the masters of our own development.

Some would look into the coldness of the mechanical universe and see a bleak prospect; we, however, see a system to be explored and harnessed to further the growth of our species.

Some theists would say that a society without sin or the threat of damnation would be an immoral one; we counter that argument with the observation that a person choosing of their own free will rather than being motivated by the fear of spiritual punishment is performing a more honest individual act. Good and Evil, although subjective by their nature, can be translated into general rules on which the majority can agree; good acts further society whilst evil acts harm it. There is no direct karma system in the universe but a long chain of cause and effect whereby acts with good intentions will normally cause good outcomes. A well intended act that has no noticeable direct effect may be the root of a desirable outcome at the end of a long chain of events or, at very least, a well-intentioned act builds the character of the individual performing the it, strengthening their predisposition towards good acts.

The beliefs of Conscientious Mechanism, therefore, are built around the core goal of understanding the workings of the universe in order to act in a way that benefits the greater good whilst, in the short-term, providing members of our group with the support to excel above the crowd.

Our goals are, of course, highly ambitious and difficult to achieve in the current socio-political climate; therefore, we are acting as a closed group, inviting members to join us only once they have been observed to exemplify the values that we aim to cultivate. When such a time arises that the prevailing culture of greed, ignorance, intolerance and selfishness makes way for a more enlightened, forward-thinking one, we will be ready to step forward and act as paragons of progress driving our culture to greater heights.

The Operation of Conscientious Mechanism as a Group

Conscientious Mechanism is a group of peers interacting on a pure democratic basis; the group is completely self-governing and does not grant any external authority jurisdiction over any aspect of it's operation. Any externally bestowed rank or position is rendered meaningless within the group; each member is to be considered on their words and actions.

It will benefit the group's goals to remain low-key, we will not publicise our existence and will only reveal ourselves to potential members through personal recommendation from existing members. Outside of the group, members are to act as individuals but are expected to learn from the teachings of their peers and continue to improve themselves and act in an exemplary fashion, inspiring the public to emulate their behaviour. If questioned about the motives for their deeds, a Conscientious Mechanist should simply reply that they are doing the right thing according to their personal beliefs.

The Conscientious Mechanist Oath

I [YOUR NAME] most solemnly and sincerely declare my intent to embody the values of Conscientious Mechanism:

  1. I will uphold moral values without exception and guide others similarly. I will never impose on others what I would not choose for myself.

  2. I will endeavour to further my understanding of all things, with the knowledge that all things are ultimately understandable.

  3. My body is the tool with which I realise my intentions. I will hone both my body and mind in order to become a paragon of the virtues of Conscientious Mechanism.

  4. My actions will always reflect my intent; my word is my bond.

  5. I will judge a person solely by their actions, taking no heed of preconceptions.

  6. I will fight for universal, unrestricted freedom of expression.

  7. I will constantly question authority. I will not impose arbitrary authority on others nor will I accept the same.

freedom of expression a person's thoughts are their own


  • The does not exist a good enough reason to undermine your morals.
  • Time is finite, don't waste it on...
  • Equality
  • Further one's self in all ways and, as a direct result, become a paragon of good and a positive catalyst to change
  • Give fealty to no imposed authority and do not impose autority onto others; respect can only be earned not expected.
  • Question authority
  • My word is my bond
  • Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.
  • seek to understand all that I survey

"Uncompromising integrity is my standard. My character and honour are steadfast. My word is my bond." - SEALs Creed

most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear

of my own free will and accord

with a firm and steady resolution



A forum for free discussion and the dissemination of information.

An academy for the exchange of knowledge and skills

A pool of resources to help individuals and the group advance.