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My Resume, Produced with React
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A Resume Ready To Be Reformatted

It was always a lot of frustration modifying my resume because it would always mean a whole lot of tiny manual changes to get things to look right. I wanted to be able to style it with CSS in a browser, so I defined all the data in JSON and built a react front-end to display it. A great tool for learning react is Scrimba and the various lessons to be found thereon.

Printing notes

Number one is that I couldnt make break-before, page-break-before or their variants actually do anything inside of the grid layout. I gave up after about an hour of messing with it.

Number two is that the print-to-pdf (via windows Microsoft PDF writer) looks way better from firefox than from Chrome. ymmv of course.

React simple setup

Quick start:

$ npm install
$ npm run build


Run Webpack in watch-mode to continually compile the JavaScript as you work:

$ npm run watch

Or with a hot reloading dev server (you'll want to edit the package.json entry for this one since i've got it hardcoded to bind to my internal network ip so i can reach it over my local network)

$ npm run start
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