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Understand your transcriptome assembly
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Transrate - understand your transcriptome assembly

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This software is being actively developed. Please be aware that there may be bugs. If you find any, please report them on the issue tracker.


Transrate is academic software. If you use it for work leading to a publication, you should cite the paper.


transrate is documented on the website.


Interested in helping? Great! We particularly would like help with the following:

  • code review
  • documentation review
  • adding features that are already discussed and approved on the issue tracker
  • tackling bugs

For any of these, please just pick an appropriate issue on the tracker and make a pull request.

If you want to suggest, and maybe implement, a new feature, please suggest it on the tracker first. This allows us to give feedback on whether it makes sense given the scope of the software, and for the community to discuss requirements for the feature. Don't just implement the feature and make a pull request before dicussing it, because you'll probably find your PR waiting a very long time for review.

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