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Note: The official Blasphemer data pack is downloadable free of charge. Any profits made from third party sales of the data or modifications thereof do not go to the original Blasphemer developers.

Blasphemer aims to create a free content package for the Heretic engine, with a theme of metal-inspired dark fantasy.

Any limit-removing Doom source port that is compatible with Heretic can be used to play Blasphemer. Blasphemer is an iwad, meaning the complete set of resources required for a game but still requires an executable engine to be played. You can turn your favorite Heretic pwads into Lovecraftian nightmares using Blasphemer.

While Blasphemer is currently fully playable, there are still many resources that need to be created or polished. You can become a contributor by submitting a new or modified resource. See the Contributing and wiki for more information:

It is preferable to handle bug reports or other issues via the "Issues" section of this site rather than forum posts elsewhere.

Join us on DoomWorld and Discord!

Doomworld thread:

Heretic and Hexen Discord server:

Blasphemer is licensed under the BSD 3-clause: