A module for MagicMirror2 that displays the daily XKCD web comic.
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A module for MagicMirror2 that displays the daily XKCD web comic.



  1. Clone this repo into your modules directory.
  2. Create an entry in your config.js file to tell this module where to display on screen.


    module: 'DailyXKCD',
	position: 'top_left',
	config: {
		invertColors: true,
		showTitle: true,
		showAltText: false


Option Description
invertColors Set to true to invert the colors of the comic to white on black for a darker feel.
updateInterval Set to desired update interval (in ms), default is 3600000 (10 hours).
showTitle Set to true to display the title of the comic.
titleFont Set a custom font format, default is large light bright. To set the size use one of xsmall small medium large xlarge, for boldness one of thin light regular bold, and to adjust brightness one of dimmed normal bright.
showAltText Set to true to show the alt text (tooltip on the original comic).
altTextFont See titleFont, except for this is the formatting of the alt text.
randomComic Set to true, if you want to see a random comic on days, when there is no new comic.
limitComicHeight Set to limit the height of the comic (in px), default is 450. The comic will scroll downwards every few seconds, if it is heigher.
scrollInterval How often to scroll long comics (in ms), default is 8000 (every 8 seconds).
scrollRatio Set how much of the visible height is being scrolled every time. The value should be between 0.0 and 1.0, default is 0.8 so it scrolls down by 80%.