JARCH Vis v1.0

@BlendingJake BlendingJake released this Jan 7, 2017 · 5 commits to master since this release

This is the first release of JARCH Vis in a while. A quick breakdown of what has been changed:

  • Roofing now supports Shingles and Terra Cotta for converted roofs
  • Face group rotation and pitch are now determined automatically when converting a mesh to roof object
  • Unlimited cutouts is now supported with siding, using a new system
  • 10 styles of windows are now supported!
  • Shingles are now created quicker
  • Internally, properties have been consolidated and duplicated removed. All files have been brought up to PEP 8 formatting rules. Major rewrites have happened, especially for siding and roofing objects.

This is a lot of changes and so there are probably some bugs that I didn't find in my testing, so if any are found please report them here, or on BlenderArtist