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Using Amiberry with RetroPie Installation and Setup

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A Guide to using the Amiberry WHDLoad Booter with RetroPie

Many of us already enjoy playing RetroGames via the Raspberry Pi, and this has led us to want to improve the experience.

Any shared game system like RetroPie needs that "one click to play" experience, that the Console generation crave, and this is an attempt to bring that to RetroPie. We would like to remove the need to create game-specific/individual configs (.uae files) for every game, whilst the commonplace 'ADF' (Amiga Disk File) also results in original game bugs, diskswapping and limited improvement, where instead WHDLoad offers a better 'all in' experience.

Through clever use of a simple loader, internal Amiberry trickery and games in the WHDLoad installed format, we have put together a method for running WHDLoad installed Amiga games directly from the RetroPie menu.

This guide is provided as a step-by-step guide to using the Amiberry WHDLoad Booter Solution with RetroPie in an attempt to achieve this.

Installation and Setup Guide / Requirements

  • Retropie 4.4 or later (Download)
  • Internet Connection
  • Amiga Kickstart ROM (called "BIOS" in RetroPie) files
  • Pre-installed WHDLoad games in the .lha format. You'll have to either create these yourself or source them online.


  • This guide assumes you are looking for the quickest/easiest route of running hassle-free games on RetroPie.
  • It is also assumed that you have access to the necessary Kickstart (BIOS) files for the Amiga, and games
  • This guide therefore uses the WHDLoad Booter method for game loading, using the .LHA file format.

The Guide...