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Sample Hyperledger Composer Business Network Definitions in Open Science
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Sample Hyperledger Composer Business Network Definitions for Open Science

Having well-defined business network represenatations is an important part when developing applications in hyperledger composer; in general, for any decentralized ledger application this is the first step. In very basic simple terms, this is where we define the assets, transactions over assets, relations across participants and merchants participating in the market. Initially, we are modifying simple business networks as they have been defined by the hyperledger people; we are adapting these networks to open science addressing specific scenarios. For more on hyperledger business networks see The folder "sample-networks" has sample files to work with; these come from These are being modified; initially we are modifying these to full fill our use cases. As we progress we will integrate the use cases and the corresponding models; this will generate more complex scenarios.

Anyone can participate. This is an open, wide open, effort. Modeling the market, business logic, roles, assets, etc. in open science has not been done before. There have been isolated efforts but, AFAIK, there has not yet been a coordinated comprehensive effort -certainly not with this technology. Anyone is welcome to participate, the models will be developed according to the hyperledger composer technology; results from this effort are for everyone to use, modify and share.

This is work in progress. We will soon have our first model, a simple one that will be easy for everyone to follow.

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