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This is our public repository for issues and feature requests. Please feel free to submit any ideas as well as bugs using the "New Issue" button!

Note that some of our features are in alpha or beta stage. Such features may be marked on the website with α or β respectively:


Additional contacts:

Questions regarding Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash payments? Please refer to our FAQ first!

Please be advised that Blockchair provides blockchain search and analytics services only. We are neither a "blockchain wallet" nor "the official Bitcoin Cash support", so there's very little we can help you with payments. But we've decided to put this small, but useful FAQ to common issues. Thank you!


Q: Please refund my transaction, there's been a mistake!

A: Blockchair is not a bank, just a search engine, and we can't reverse transactions in public blockchains! No one can — irreversibility is one of the fundamental properties of cryptocurrency.

Q: I entered my 12 words passphrase on your website, and you stole my money!

A: Blockchair doesn't provide wallet services, so, sadly, you've got scammed by a phishing website. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it other than reporting such sites to the authorities.

Bitcoin Cash

Q: I (or someone) sent a bitcoin to a bitcoin cash address (or a bitcoin cash to a bitcoin address). Help me please!

A: The answer depends on who is the recipient of the transaction:

  • You: your private keys (and passphrases) for bitcoin wallets are valid for bitcoin cash wallets and vice versa, so you just need to export and import your keys (passphrases)
  • An exchange (Bittrex, Poloniex, ShapeShift, etc.): in that case you should contact the exchange support
  • Your friend or colleague: you could ask the recipient to install the second wallet and explain how to return the funds to you

Also note that if you sent bitcoin cash to a bitcoin segwit-address (an address starting with a 3), it's not possible to recover the funds.

Q: The payment isn't getting confirmed for x hours, what can I do to accelerate the process?

A: The only thing you can do is wait. In contrast to Bitcoin, it's very likely that your transaction will get into the next block, but there's no way to accelerate the process of finding new blocks. The average time between blocks should be approximately 10 minutes (but sometimes it's 2 minutes, sometimes it's 50 minutes), so if the recipient requres 6 confirmations, it would take approximately an hour for your transaction to get through.