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@atcsecure atcsecure released this Feb 6, 2019 · 162 commits to master since this release

3.12.1 Mandatory Update

Blocknet has been hard at work to deliver the most comprehensive and significant protocol update in the projects history in this update. The Team is excited to deliver the many fixes, improvements, and features listed below.

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  • Improved wallet sync time (twice as fast)
  • Testnet 5 has been activated
  • Changed the Superblock amount to 40k BLOCK (will take effect on block 820,800)
  • Checks have been added to make sure Service Nodes have seen the order before processing
  • Improvements to the Service Node list stability, including: 1) Newly started Service Nodes only need to wait 135 minutes to enter the queue instead of 20 hours, 2) Service node vin must have confirmations in excess of total number of Service Nodes on the network 3) Recently started Service Nodes are no longer part of the ranking
  • All new Service Node trade fees can now be easily spent from the wallet
  • All Service Node orders will now be cancelled on shutdown
  • Improved UTXO selection algo, maker UTXO verification checks, trade fee verification checks, and trade locktime drifts
  • Multiple fixes for order states and UTXO filter such as an improved and simplified order cancel process, properly excluding trading fee UTXOs across all orders, and setting the rollback state at the time of cancelation
  • Improved refund address handling where the refund transaction spending of the trader’s deposit back to himself after locktime will prioritize selection of the refund address in the following manner: 1) Using the from address on the order, 2) using the largest UTXO input address for the order, and 3) using the wallets getnewaddress RPC call
  • New disconnectpeer RPC command to disconnect from a peer by specifying the peer ID from getpeerinfo
  • Fixed dxgetorderhistory call to not mix historical orders from cache, open/close/high/low determination, and changed volume to report denomination in the maker’s market
  • Improved on-chain storage of the trading history (Improved gettradingdata)
  • Fixed getbalance RPC crash on account alias
  • Fixed exchange enabled check
  • Fixed remote activation, dxLoadXBridgeConf bug
  • Improved state verification and fee checks, order cancellation checks
  • Improved logging to include deposit P2SH lock times and accurate fee amounts in fee checks
  • Pulled in various upstream updates
  • Updated to Qt 5.9
  • Many bug fixes
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