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--: ips-patcher :--

Vincent 'MooZ' Cruz - 11/11/2014 (damn 7 years...)

mail : cruz.vincent AT gmail DOT com

See LICENSE file for the licence.

Building from sources

The makefile builds 2 binaries.

  • ips-patcher-cli a command line IPS patcher.
  • ips-patcher GTK3 IPS patcher.

They can be compile in release or debug mode. To compile in release mode just type:


For debug mode:

make DEBUG=1

The binaries will be located in build/Release or build/Debug depending of the chosen mode.

Command line

The usage for the command line IPS patcher is:

ips-patcher-cli source patch destination

  • source source filename
  • patch IPS patch filename
  • destination filename