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A small daemon for temporarily disabling trackpads on keyboard events. By default dispad is configured to work with the xf86-input-mtrack multitouch trackpad driver.

The source code for dispad is hosted at Github.


This software is licensed under the GPLv2 and is copyright (C) 2011 Ryan Bourgeois

Additional bugfixes and work done by Andrew Gaul [].

Building and Installing

This is a standard autoconf package. To build and install from source run the following:

make && make install


dispad can be configured either at the command line or using a config file. When started for the first time dispad will create a config file at ~/.dispad containing the default configuration. The location of this config file can changed with the --config commandline option. Configuration options given at the commandline will override those in the config file. use the --help commandline option to see all of the available commandline options.

The config file uses key = value pairs as its syntax. Strings must be double quotes. The following config file options are accepted.

property - The name of the XInput property which is used to disable/enable the trackpad(s). dispad will modify this property on all trackpad devices which contain it. String value. Defaults to "Trackpad Disable Input".

enable - The specified XInput property is set to this value when enabling trackpad input. Unsigned 8-bit integer value. Defaults to 0.

disable - The specified XInput property is set to this value when disabling trackpad input. Unsigned 8-bit integer value. Defaults to 1.

modifiers - Whether or not modifier keys (alt, ctrl, etc) should affect the trackpad state. Boolean value. Defaults to false.

poll - How long (in milliseconds) that dispad will wait after polling the keyboard before polling again. Integer value. Defaults to 100.

delay - How long after the trackpad(s) should be disabled after a keystroke. Integer value. Defaults to 1000.

pidfile - The location of the PID file dispad will create when running. If this option is commented or not present then a PID file will not be created. dispad will remove this file if it shuts down cleanly. If dispad is configured to create a PID file and that PID file already exists it will refuse to start. By default this option is set to ~/ but is commented out.


A small daemon for disabling trackpads while typing.







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