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Fated Mariner Gentoo Overlay
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Fated Mariner Gentoo Overlay

This is the overlay I use for my local Gentoo machines. It primary contains ebuilds related to Compiz and running Gentoo on a MacBook. It also contains ebuilds for my personal projects, such as the xf86-input-mtrack multitouch trackpad driver.


Check out this repository to some place convenient:

git clone git:// fm

Include the overlay make.conf in your main make.conf:

include /path/to/overlays/fm/make.conf

Rebuild the eix cache, if applicable:

sudo eix-update


There are a few scripts I use regularly when managing this overlay. They take no arguments and operate on all ebuilds in subdirectories of the cwd. They are located at the root of the repo. They are:

  • listpkgs List the packages in the overlay.
  • redigest Regenerate Manifests for all the ebuilds.


Copyright (C) 2012 Ryan Bourgeois

The contents of this repository are licensed under the GPLv2.

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