This is Blue Maestro's SDK for the third generation of Tempo Disc sensors and data loggers.
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Welcome to Blue Maestro's iOS SDK for the third generation of Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth Low Energy sensors and data loggers. Visit for the full range of Tempo Disc™ products.


This SDK allows you to develop an iOS app using a range of libraries, including corebluetooth, to perform the following functions:

  1. To scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices and parse advertisement packets for pertinent information
  2. Access to Blue Maestro's innovative UART command line interface to provide commands directly to Bluetooth Low Energy devices
  3. The downloading of stored logs from Tempo Disc Bluetooth Low Energy data loggers
  4. The display of downloaded data in graphs use coregraph
  5. The display of downloaded data in tables
  6. The exporting of downloaded data in csv or pdf format.


This SDK relies on Pod Files for its dependencies. It will be necessary to install Cocoapods and then to install the necessary pod file to pull in the relevant dependencies before opening the source code in Xcode.


While this SDK has been tested and verified as working with Tempo Disc™ Bluetooth Low Energy products at the time of submission to this repository, Blue Maestro may not keep this SDK up to date nor does it accept any obligation to do so. Blue Maestro does not guarantee or warrant this SDK is fit for any intended purpose and accepts no liability as a result it is not.