Towns++ The biggest and longest running Mod for Game of Towns
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Welcome to the longest running and I believe still one of the best and largest mod for Towns.

This mod changes the layout of the right menu panel and the main (bottom)menu panel, zones are now treated as the floors in the buildings.

Adds a lot more Stairs, Furniture, Walls, Decorations, Workshops, Food, Items, Walls, Monsters, maps, flowers, statues, flags ... the list goes on and on. (Basically adds a ton of stuff to the game)

I see you might be a little confused. What I've done is taken workshops and added each as a building in the buildings menu, placing the appropriate zone in that building along with its utilities into a sub menu for that type of workshop (room or building). This provides quick and easy access to what your trying to build and furnish all in the one menu.

Zones menu is still accessable by hitting the right hand red button on the bottom menu thus scrollong to it

A new button has been added to the main menu its the Destruction button. You can now quickly and easily remove or Un-Till selected item types or land when you no longer need it. Items are removed not destroyed, they can be re-used in other places or sold

The Dining Room has been removed. Now your villagers will join your heroes and eat in the Tavern. This will make your taverns much busier, as they should be.

The production menu has also been tweaked and added to so that you can make things without placing them, this is handy for quickly replacing doors etc. it will also allow for a latter addition to my mod where you'll also be able to SELL them to markets as they are interested in buying (Still being worked on).

Farms have been converted from buildings to items, like the carpentry bench. Currently you can control production from the left hand menu, however the game does not count living creatures at the moment. If you set any production with the right arrow maximum above 1 they will automatically produce more animals, It continue doing so until you turn it back to 0. resources permitting Using the left Arrow should produce a set amount then stop producing

In order to construct the new farms you need a male and a female of the animal you want to farm (or two of animals with only one gender) and some wood. In order to produce an animal, you need the food type that they eat. After producing an animal there is be a cool down period

Note: also while going through the data files I noticed that there is a hero that kills bulls and boars (this is in the standard game, I haven't edited them at all) so you have been warned.

Added beer and wine making (in the Tavern, naturally.)

Tavern Rooms can now be build seperate to tavern, so you can place them up/down stairs

Changed from one generic mine type to a mine for each raw material, including ores that you couldn't mine before. The mines now only need one square of ore. The new mines have lights on them which identify if the mine is ready to harvest or not. If a mineshaft isn't used in a certain period of time it collapses to rubble due to lack of use and maintenance (this is the pay off for being able to mine everything and only using one square). If you have a large area of rubble you can clear it using the command located in the Terraform area in the menu. You also now need a sample of the resource your going to mine to build the mineshaft, eg: a gold mineshaft requires one gold to build a mine for gold. This can be costly if you aren't mining all the time (Which is done via the production menu) so keep in mind not to use ALL your mined resources or you may not be able to build another mine when your last one collapses due to lack of use. You have been warned...

Changed the Font to use Metamorphous size 18 for easier reading (license included in main directory)

Added in Terraforming (on the right menu.) Terraforming and terrain blocks require 4 of the resouce gathered from that terrain type to convert/build it. (as of Towns v14d you can now add terrain blocks which i've remaned from terrraforming to add terrain , to distinguish from my terraforming which changes the existing terrain thats there)

Nearly all item placement (right menu) is now set to QUEUEANDPLACEAREA/CREATEANDPLACEAREA this makes the game more accessible to disabled people like myself, who can't easily hold down keys and move the mouse at the same time.

Split the priorities so that they are now more logical and diverse

You can now resurrect dead Citizens that have been burried using shrines (via the right production menu)

Tasks and their Priorities have been re-organised for better control of your citizens

Crops once tilled and some have been planted , will (slowly) spread over the tilled area Crops will cycle if not harvested in time, eg: wheat will go back to seed if not harvested in time