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Bitcoin thin client for iOS & Android. Built with React Native
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BlueWallet - A Bitcoin & Lightning Wallet

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Thin Bitcoin Wallet. Built with React Native and BlockCypher API.

Appstore Playstore


Community: telegram group

  • Private keys never leave your device
  • Lightning Network supported
  • SegWit-first. Replace-By-Fee support
  • Encryption. Plausible deniability
  • And many more features...

Beta version, do not use to store large amounts!


  • In your console:
git clone
cd BlueWallet
npm install
npm start android


npm run test


I was not satisfied with existing iOS Bitcoin apps, especially with BreadWallet (the one I mainly used) where development stalled and they could not even deliver such features as SegWit, RBF and custom fees (at the times where custom fees were especially needed). So I knew I could create one to use myself and let others use it. I had experience with awesome bitcoin-js lib (javascript), and since I dont own any Macs, don't plan to and not going to learn ObjC/Swift - ReactNative (where you also write in javascript) was an obvious choice.




Grab an issue from the backlog, try to start or submit a PR, any doubts we will try to guide you.

Join us at our telegram group where we hangout 👍

Responsible disclosure

Found critical bugs/vulnerabilities? Please email them Thanks!

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