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A lightbox inspired Vue.js component.
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SilentBox a lightbox vue.js component

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A simple lightbox inspired component for Vue.js. If you're interested, see demo.



npm install --save vue-silentbox

Import the plugin into Vue:

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueSilentbox from 'vue-silentbox'


How to use?

In the template you can use "single" silentbox instance

<silentbox-single src="" autoplay="true" description="">Single item</silentbox-single>

or group instance which will make gallery.

    <silentbox-item src="" autoplay="true" description="My very custom message">Item one</silentbox-item>
    <silentbox-item src="">Item two</silentbox-item>
    <silentbox-item src=""></silentbox-item> <!-- Vimeo/Youtube preview or src will be used as thumbnail -->

Both silentbox-item and silentbox-single share the same attributes that could set. Furthermore, both elements accept viemo and youtube video links as source. If you don't specify the preview image, youtube or vimeo
thumbnail will be used instead.

Supported attributes

Attribute required type Description
src yes string media source, it could be an image or a youtube / Vimeo video
description no string short description below image (doesn't work below videos yet)
autoplay no bool to autoplay youtube / Vimeo video
thumbnail-height no string height of the thumbnail in px
thumbnail-width no string width of the thumbnail in px
hide-controls no bool works only for youtube videos, setting true will hide video controls


All contributions are welcomed, however give me some time to review your requests. Also please, use emoji in your commits, so it is easier to identify what your commits do. There are several emoji guides on internet. Please stick with mine which is inspired by Atom contributing guidelines, see emoji in commits.

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