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Bo Huang Lab

Official GitHub Repo for the Bo Huang Lab at UCSF
We are an interdisciplinary lab based at [UCSF]( We are particularly seeking talents in optical engineering, machine learning, and cellular microscopy. [Please reach out to Bo if you're interested in collaborating!](

See our [HuggingFace]( for model checkpoints.

For more information, visit our lab website at [].

Popular repositories

  1. Protein-Localization-Transformer Protein-Localization-Transformer Public

    Code for CELL-E: Biological Zero-Shot Text-to-Image Synthesis for Protein Localization Prediction

    Python 26 3

  2. Transfer-Learning-Denoising Transfer-Learning-Denoising Public

    Denoising Via Self Supervised Transfer Learning

    Jupyter Notebook 12 1

  3. CELL-E_2 CELL-E_2 Public

    Multimodal encoder-only transformer model for image-based protein predictions

    Python 8

  4. Cellular_Intensity_Analysis Cellular_Intensity_Analysis Public

    These macros were generated to analyze total cell intensity from fluorescence images in ImageJ

    Jupyter Notebook 2 2

  5. Wynton-Jupyter-Notebook-Server Wynton-Jupyter-Notebook-Server Public

    Forked from EmaadKhwaja/Wynton-Jupyter-Notebook-Server

    Instructions on running a jupyter notebook instance on UCSF High Performance Computer Cluster

    Python 2

  6. CP-Segmentation CP-Segmentation Public

    Segmentation for Huang Lab based on CellPose

    Python 1


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