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Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

This is the repository for the MKS and OKS mods for Kerbal Space Program

MKS and OKS are the original works of RoverDude (GitHub user BobPalmer).

You can find the official repo for this mod on Github. Releases, along with other USI products, can be found on the USI Catalog Page.

Supported Mods

(MKS includes additional functionality when these mods are present)

NOTE: For Life Support Mods (USI, TAC, or Snacks!) it is recommended you only pick one! USI-LS is the default, and will afford the most support and integration, but TAC-LS and Snacks! are also fully supported.

Included Plugins/Mods

Recommended mods

(These are absolutely not required, but have aspects that make gameplay easier)

  • KAS (for linking up MKS modules and anchoring to the surface)
  • Infernal Robotics (for assembling bases)

Compatible with

FAQ, Documentation, Issues and Pull Requests

Here you can find the FAQs

There are also Tutorials

You can also use GitHub issues to report bugs and provide suggestions, etc.

Pull Requests should be merged into the branch "DEVELOP".

Download Link

You can download the current version of MKS from the USI Catalog Page. Note that for the sake of my own sanity, only the current release version is supported.

Other Contributors and Thanks!

  • PrivateFlip/Cyrik (Orbital Logistics code)


MKS/OKS Colonization Systems






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