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Bochacoin aka Blocks on chain

Bochacoin is "B" locks "O" n "CHA" in, it is a coin that looks like a stablecoin but only from the bottom, meaning it will always have a guaranteed minimum on the market, how is this possible? Simple. In practice, any investor who decides to purchase a collateral to launch a masternode, paying the initial fee, places 60% in a cold wallet in staking, with 5% annual ROI (with Navcoin), 20% in another wallet that will be used to invest the sum contained in other projects or currencies (For the positive outcome of each investment, one part will be paid into the main wallet to increase the value of the currency) and finally 20% for development and teams; the sum between the first and second wallet will give the minimum value to the currency.

Coin Specs :

Coin name : Bochacoin

Coin ticker : BOCHA

Hashing algorithm: Quark

Total supply : 10,000,000,000

Masternode collateral : 10000 BOCHA

Block time: 30 seconds

Premine : 0.5% = 50,000,000

Locked coin : 50% = 5,000,000,000

Coin maturity : 30 blocks

Minimum coin age : 3 hours

Transaction confirmation : 2 blocks

Minimum transaction fee : 0.0001/kb

Maximum block size : 4 MB

Block reward : 10 BOCHA (88% for masternodes , 12% for staking)

P2P port : 28001

Rpc port : 6868

Website :
Whitepaper :
Blockexplorer :
Bitcointalk :
Reddit :
Twitter :
Discord :

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