A repository for the data collection and visualization tool ANAMIA Egocenter. By ANAMIA project in collaboration with Eranos (Paris). The project ANAMIA (Ana-mia Sociability: an Online/Offline Social Networks Approach to Eating Disorders) is funded by Agency for National Research (ANR-09-ALIA-001).
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This archive contains the flash applet ANAMIA Egocenter by ANAMIA project in collaboration with Eranos (Paris).

ANAMIA Egocenter allows users to draw an egocentered network of their friends, relations, internet contacts and acquaintances. It is intended to be embedded in a computer-based survey.

To use the applet, either open the index-EN.html (English version) or the index-FR.html (French version) file in your browser.

To change the texts in the applet (name generator, nodes tags, tie tags), refer to the _xml/article_reseau_en.xml and _xml/article_reseau_fr.xml files.

The applet saves the user-drawn egocentered networks in jpg and xml formats. In order to do so, you will need to modify the $file variable in the savejpg.php and savexml.php files.

If you use or refer to ANAMIA Egocenter in a scientific publication, we ask that you cite it as follows:

P Tubaro, AA Casilli, L Mounier, P Maigron, PA Chardel, E Masson, C Fraisse, J Rouchier, C Fischler (2013). ANAMIA Egocenter. http://www.anamia.fr, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Centre Edgar-Morin (CEM-IIAC), Paris.

To watch an end-user video tutorial, go to: "ANAMIA EGOCENTER: How to draw social networks of friends and contacts" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAlSaDdAaC0

To know more about the methodological and substantive aspects of ANAMIA Egocenter:

P. Tubaro, A.A. Casilli & L. Mounier (2014). Eliciting personal network data in web surveys through participant-generated sociograms, Field Methods, 26 (2) (online first le 11/7/2013). DOI:10.1177/1525822X13491861.

The project ANAMIA (Ana-mia Sociability: an Online/Offline Social Networks Approach to Eating Disorders) was funded by the French Agency for National Research (ANR-09-ALIA-001).

The software is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL v2).