Switch between desktops scrolling at edge of the screen, including in overview. You can configure wich side of the screen the scroller will work.


Desktop Scroller Gnome 3 Extension

This extension allows you to switch between workspaces by scolling your mouse
wheel on the left or right edge of your screen and also when the mouse is over
your desktop background.

Extension is based on the previous work by
  * Marcos Diaz <diazmencia@gmail.com>
  * Arnaud Bonatti <arnaud.bonatti@gmail.com>
  * Bruno Orlandi <brorlandi@gmail.com>


Copy folder contents into:


and restart gnome-shell. Don't forget to enable it.


When you change the schema for the preferences you have to compile it again.

Compile with:
  $ glib-compile-schemas --strict schemas/


Extract the translateable strings into messages.pot:

  $ xgettext -k_ -kN_ -o po/desktop-scroller.pot extension.js prefs.js

Create a new translation for e.g. swedish:

  $ LANG=de_DE msginit -i po/desktop-scroller.pot

Move the resulting file (de.po) into the po/ folder.

Or update a translation with new strings:

  $ msgmerge -U po/de.po po/desktop-scroller.pot

Finally create a machine readable file:

  $ msgfmt po/de.po -o locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/desktop-scroller.mo