Better Vue.js completions for sublime text with syntax highlighting.
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VueJS Code completion for sublime

This package is a complete set of snippets and vue syntax highlighting and is under development version number is 0.3.3 . This package is built by Aditya Giri and is being used by LivonAir.



To install this package, clone this repository in your machine and move to your packages folder. You can find packages folder by clicking on Preferences->Browse Packages.

Package Control

Go ahead and search for vuejs complete package. Just install it.


Syntax Highlighting

We are providing syntax highlighting as it is from a fork of vuejs/vuejs-syntax-highlight. You need not to configure it. It is already configured for you.


We provide following set of snippets. Have a look at them. They may be increased or decreased as per the version of VueJS. Just put those letters and press tab

v: This is a simple trigger which may be used like this:

var demo = new Vue({
  data [v]Press tab here to transform in something like this:
  data: {
    // Your text here

vue: This one is great if you have a brand new js file and you want to trigger the whole thing at once.

var vm = new Vue({
	el: "#replace"

vue-config: This snippet is for expanding config of the whole VueJS. It looks like this:

  debug: true,
  strict: false,
  prefix: 'v-',
  delimiters: ['{{', '}}']},
  silent: false,
  interpolate: true,
  async: true,
  proto: true

vue-dir: Create a custom directive very easily using this snippet. You custom directive will look like this.

Vue.directive('my-directive', {
  bind: function () {},
  update: function (newValue, oldValue) {},
  unbind: function () {}

vue-filter: Create a custom filter using this snippet.

Vue.filter('my-filter', function (value) {
  // Content

vue-cdn: Get a cdn snippet which would expand to something like this:

<script src=""></script>

vue-extend: A snippet for extend function.

var Profile = Vue.extend({
  template: '<p>{{firstName}} {{lastName}} aka {{alias}}</p>'

wat: Add a $watch property to any of your object.

vm.$watch('someObject', callback, {

get: Add get easily.


set: Setter in easy way:

vm.$set(key, value)


vm.$add(key, value)




vm.$eval(msg | uppercase)





And yeah There are even more that are coming soon.


  • Add more snippets
  • Add autocomplete for html


This library is crafted and maintained by Aditya Giri. If you would like to contact him for any library, them his email address is

This library is a part of a blogging platform LivonAir