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This is sample project launched during HTML5 Dev Conf to show off the architecture and design of a responsive Backbone application. See it live at It is based on this concept. When deployed it currently runs entirely on the front end and has no backend requirements.

See presentation slides detailing the architecture and the responsive design movement on speakerdeck.

It is built on top of the Mandible2 development framework which allows you to compress and push assets to Amazon S3 among other things. Mandible2 requires some libraries like Node and Jake. Visit the Mandible2 page to learn more.

This app is in under constant enhancement. The latest "edge" version of this app can be found at

How to Install

Clone this repo. For an explanation of the libraries required and folder architecture see Mandible2.

How to Deploy

In order to deploy this app to production and qa enviornments you must fill out your Amazon S3 information at: /jakelib/aws.jake

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