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Branch Metrics example application for iOS mobile deep linking / deeplinking - the Branchster app. Branch helps mobile apps grow with deep links / deeplinks that power referral systems, sharing links and invites with full attribution and analytics.
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Create a personal copy of the Branchsters app for testing!

  1. From the command line:
    • Clone the repo: git clone
    • cd Branch-Example-Deep-Linking-Branchster-iOS/
    • pod install
  2. In Finder open: BranchMonsterFactory.xcworkspace
  3. In Xcode click on the root node of the project: BranchMonsterFactory
  4. Under Targets select BranchMonsterFactory, then the General tab
  5. Change the Bundle Identifier to something unique (for this demo we'll use io.branch.Objective-C.Branchsters)
  6. Change the Team to your Team (it must be a paid Apple Developer Account) and click Fix Issue to generate a new Provisioning Profile
  7. Log in to the Branch dashboard and create a new app from the drop-down menu in the top right cornder
  8. On the Settings, screen copy the Branch key
  9. In the Xcode project's info.plist file, change the branch_key entry to the value of your new Branch key key
  10. Add a new String key to the info.plist file: branch_app_domain
  11. Populate the new branch_app_domain key with the value of the Default domain name field found in the Custom Link Domain section of the dashboard's Link Settings tab
  12. Populate the Branch dashboard with the following values:
    • Always try to open app: Checked
    • I have an iOS App: Checked
    • iOS URL: branchsters:// (from the info.plist file, this is URL Types > URL Schemes > Item 0)
    • Custom URL: (enter a web site here if you haven't published the app to the App Store -, for example)
    • Default URL: (any web site will do:, for example)

Set up Universal Links

NOTE: these steps will not work if you do not have a paid Apple Developer Account

  1. In the Branchsters.entitlements file, add entries for the new Branch Live and Test link domains. For example:
  2. Run the app and make sure that it launches properly on a device or on a simulator
  3. Select the Branchsters.entitlements file and ensure the BranchMonsterFactory box is checked inside Target Membership
  4. Populate the Branch dashboard with the following values:
  5. Save the settings - you are done!


  1. If the app was installed on the test device already:
    • Delete the app from the device
    • Clear Safari web content, history and cookies (Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data)
    • Reset the device's IDFA (Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Reset Advertising Identifier...)
  2. Create a Marketing link from the Branch dashboard
  3. Paste the link into Notes on an iPhone
  4. Tap the link - you will get redirected to the web page
  5. Install the app on the device via Xcode
  6. Tapping on the link should now open the app directly
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