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Uploads received position data from Brandmeister to APRS-IS.

Brandmeister uploads position data to APRS-IS as simple APRS objects, without correct path information. bm-pos2aprs listens on MQTT for position data from Brandmeister, and uploads them to the APRS-IS with correct station->repeater paths. The script also takes care of transmitting received APRS messages as short DMR messages over Brandmeister.

Additionally you can turn on the usage of multiple service IDs. In this case the APRS symbol of position reports depend on the used destination ARS/RRS ID, not the one set in SelfCare. For example, if you set your radio's ARS/RRS ID to the ID of LOCATION_SERVICE_ID9, you will have the symbol of a car. If you set your radio's ARS/RRS ID to the ID of LOCATION_SERVICE_ID7, you will have the symbol of a walking person.

Location service ID and symbol mappings:

  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID0 (5050 by default): House
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID1 (5051 by default): Train
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID2 (5052 by default): Tractor
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID3 (5053 by default): Pickup
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID4 (5054 by default): Van
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID5 (5055 by default): Phone
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID6 (5056 by default): Camp
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID7 (5057 by default): Person
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID8 (5058 by default): Bike
  • LOCATION_SERVICE_ID9 (5059 by default): Car


  • You'll need PHP CLI (ex. php5-cli).

  • Rename (and edit) to

  • You have to set the APRSGate's number to a not used number (for ex. 5060) in BrandMeister.conf. This ensures that Brandmeister will not upload positions on it's own, and lets this script do the job.

  • Give read permissions to the Profiles space in Tarantool.

    Execute the following to open Tarantool's console:

    tarantoolctl connect /tmp/Registry.sock

    Then enter:

    box.schema.user.grant('api', 'read', 'space', 'GlobalProfiles',{if_not_exists = true})
  • To use multiple service IDs, you have to adjust ServiceWrapper settings in BrandMeister.conf for all LOCATION_SERVICE_IDx setting:

    // ServiceWrapper Application
    ServiceWrapper :
      // List of mapped service IDs:
      // <Type>, <Private ID>
      // Where <Type> in:
      //   1 - Registration Service
      //   2 - Messaging Service
      //   3 - Telemetry Service
      //   4 - Location Service
      numbers =
        1, 216999,
        2, 216990,
        3, 216999,
        4, 5050,
        4, 5051,
        4, 5052,
        4, 5053,
        4, 5054,
        4, 5055,
        4, 5056,
        4, 5057,
        4, 5058,
        4, 5059

Running as a daemon

It's not ideal to run command line PHP scripts as daemons, but I had most of the routines used here in other projects, so I wrote this in PHP. Feel free to rewrite this to a better language.


Uploads received position data from BrandMeister to APRS-IS







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