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For the Badge

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We don't develop for the money, power, fame, or codebabes. We do it For the Badge. It all started because of an obsession with two words: Build Status. It all ended with this: badges, for badges’ sake.

Badge Usage

  1. Check out all the badges here!
  2. Copy the image URL or markdown.
  3. Swag out your Github readme.


Interested in having a badge submitted to the general site? Submit a pull request of the badge you'd like to see added and provide a Share Badge link generated from our For The Badge Generator.

Not all badges will be accepted but if there is enough community excitement behind a badge or if we just really like it, we'll add it to the growing list of badges!

For the Badge Generator

Interested in learning more or seeing the code behind the Badge Generator? Check out the repo here.


The Copy Markdown output is in Base64 so as to not need the badge to be hosted anywhere. This unfortunately means that it will not render in many markdown programs due to security issues, though there have been numerous submissions to account for this. Nonetheless, should you wish to include one of these badges in your own markdown where it fails to support Base64, I suggest you download the badge, and then upload it to the project you wish for it to render in. It's a minor inconvenience, but it sure is better than nothing.

Not good enough? Well you could also submit a pull request for the badge to be hosted on our For The Badge site.