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A Small SRP Protocol for Web Applications
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Small SRP is a password authentication mechanism for web applications that has the same password-related security properties as SRP but is significantly more efficient.

  1. Write-up:
  2. Demo:


  • makeVerifier(username, password, curve): (salt, verifier)
    • Generates a salt and a verifier for a user. Run by the user. Both of the function's outputs should be sent to the server.
  • makeChallenge(curve): {pub: ..., sec: ...}
    • Generates a challenge to authenticate the user. Run by the server. The pub section is a string and is sent to the user while the sec section is kept secret.
  • makeResponse(username, password, salt, chall, curve): response
    • Calculates the user's response string to the server's challenge. Run by the user. The function's output is sent back to the server.
  • verify(sec, verifier, response, curve): Boolean
    • Returns true if the user has successfully responded to the challenge and should be authenticated or false if the user should be rejected. Run by the server.
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