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What is Audiobot?

Audiobot is an audio feedback bot for Slack. Slack Audiobot is written in node.js and plays MP3 files from it's /sound directory based on queues from Slack users. Audiobot now also features text-to-speech (TTS) for Mac and Windows.

Why is Audiobot?

Audio feedback seemed like a great way to liven up the office, but can also be used to provide realtime feedback around events in Slack.

How to Audiobot

  1. Grab the repo and run npm install. This will install all of the dependencies Audiobot requires.
  2. Add a bot integration in Slack here
  3. Add your bot's API key to config.js
  4. Run node audiobot.js from the command line
  5. Invite your brand new bot into the channels you'd like it to watch.


Here's a couple commands you might like to try:

  • play bell - this will play the bell noise (comes with this package)
  • @BOTNAME help - get a list of commands you can use with your bot (replace BOTNAME with your bot's name, obviously)
  • @BOTNAME list - get a list of valid sound files. If you want more, just dump them in the sounds folder
  • @BOTNAME stop - stop the bot listening to requests for sounds
  • @BOTNAME start - start the bot listening to requests for sounds (on by default)
  • @BOTNAME say MESSAGE - Make the bot speak via TTS.


To enable the 'say' command, install espeak:

sudo apt-get install espeak


Adding audio feedback to Slack



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