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sql_demos - Brendan's repo for interesting SQL

This project stores the SQL code for solutions to interesting problems I have looked at on my blog, or elsewhere. It includes installation scripts with object creation and data setup, and scripts to run the SQL on the included datasets.

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The idea is that anyone with the pre-requisites should be able to reproduce my results within a few minutes of downloading the repo.

The installation scripts will create a common objects schema, bren, and a separate schema for each problem, of which there are five at present. The SYS and bren objects are in the folder bren, with the problem-specific scripts in a separate folder for each one.

Links to blog or other sources:

Here is a summary article that embeds all of the above plus another couple of relevant articles: Knapsacks and Networks in SQL, December 2017


In order to install this project you need to have SYS access to an Oracle database, minimum version 11.2, along with a suitable database server directory to use for loading data via external tables.

Install steps

  1. Update the logon script SYS.bat for your own credentials for the SYS schema
  2. Update the logon scripts bren.bat, knapsack.bat, bal_num_part.bat, fan_foot.bat, shortest_path.bat, tsp.bat with your own connect string
  3. Update Install_SYS.sql with the name of an input directory on your database server that can be used for external tables to read from, and place all the files in db_server_input there
  4. Run Install_SYS.sql in SYS schema from SQL*Plus, or other SQL client, to set up the bren common schema, and the problem-specific schemas
  5. Run Install_bren.sql in bren schema to create the bren schema common objects
  6. Run the install script for each schema to create the schema objects:
  • knapsack: Install_Knapsack.sql
  • bal_num_part: Install_Bal_Num_Part.sql
  • fan_foot: Install_Fan_Foot.sql
  • tsp: Install_TSP.sql
  • shortest_path: Install_Shortest_Path.sql
  1. Run Main_*.sql as desired in the specific schemas to run the SQL for the different datasets and get execution plans and results logs. For example, for fan_foot: Main_Bra.sql and Main_Eng.sql are the driving scripts


The installation is demonstrated in a short video (8 minutes). It doesn't cover the most recent schemas but the same pattern if followed for those. As it is 170MB in size I placed it in a shared Microsoft One-Drive location:!AtGOr6YOZ-yVh_1a6_g7XwX0TTBTgA


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