Reddit browser, mainly for wallpapers, with fullscreen functionality. Caches images in temp file to display them full screen in slideshow
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Scrape subreddits and slideshow through images or posts with a timer. Images are cached to the temp directory, and removed on close. (Check the temp directory to make sure images are deleted.)


  • BeautifulSoup4


Redwall is available on PyPi. Just run

pip install redwall

to get the latest version.

Use cases:

# For the screensaver version that iterates through images on a time schedule
redwall_screensaver [--subreddit SUBREDDIT] [--previd previd]
                    [--score score] [--nsfwo] [--nsfw] [--title title]
                    [-i INTERVAL] [-v]

# For manual control and more options, use this command
redwall_control [--subreddit SUBREDDIT] [--previd previd]
                [--score score] [--nsfwo] [--nsfw] [--title title] [-v]

Each entry point is utilizes the reddit_scraper.RedditScraper iterable class to step through posts and images on the subreddit of your choice. To use the RedditScraper class in your own project, simply import it with some settings:

from redwall.reddit_scraper import RedditScraper

# initialize the scraper with filters
scraper = RedditScraper(previd='', subreddit='wallpapers', title='', score=100, nsfw=False, sfw=True)

# prescrape posts for speed

# get the next post
post =

#update a filter and get the next post
scraper.update('subreddit', 'wallpaperdump')
post =

# set wallpaper to the first image in the post
from redwall.set_wallpaper import set_wallpaper
image = post.images[0]

# iterate through images
for image in scraper.imageIter():
  # returns None when no more images can be loaded
  if image == None:
  print("Image at %s" % image.url)

Windowed Branch

The windowed branch is an older version of redwall that runs in a PyQt window. It is buggy and crashes on occassion, but is useful if you don't want to change your actual wallpaper. Checkout the branch and run python to see it work.