A conversion of ExtDB2 to ExtDB3 for Exile
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Recommended use case: (PLEASE READ)

  1. Windows 64Bit Server, With MAX players, With over 5 Mods, With HEAVEY script modifications. **Please note if your server is below what is recommended, DO NOT INSTALL THIS, If you do and you request help we will ask you uninstall extdb3.

Supported server types:

  1. Windows 32Bit, 64Bit

Exile 64bit Edition Conversion

Please include both your server RPT and Extdb3 Logs when submitting an issue on the forums, USING PASTEBIN.

Also Note--- We require the use OF ALL overrides I provided, without them I CANNOT provide support

  1. Open your @ExileServer Folder and delete the following files : extDB2.dll , extDB2.so , extDB2-conf.ini , XM8.dll , XM8.so
  2. Download the git release of the Exdb3 Exile patch (https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile) Press the clone/download button.
  3. Copy the Exile server file into the server directory
  4. Copy the exile mission folder CONTENTS INTO your mission file.
  5. open your config.cpp and do the following:

In your config.cpp Add: #include "CfgExileCustomCode.cpp" Into: class CfgExileCustomCode { };

It will look like this in the end:

class CfgExileCustomCode 

    #include "CfgExileCustomCode.cpp" 

  1. Go to Torndeco's download center and download the latest version of extDB3. (https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/downloads/)
  2. Copy the TWO tbbmalloc.dll's (tbbmalloc.dll, tbbmalloc_x64.dll) to your server ROOT directory
  3. Copy the contents of the @extdb3 folder into your @ExileServer Folder
  4. Edit the extdb3-conf.ini file, REMEMBER TO CHANGE [Default] to [exile] . Change the database information to be correct (Example: https://gyazo.com/31cb26f08f9cc4b05360915f5ed84303)

Only do #10 if you are not a freshly installed exile server.

  1. Exit the Exile.ini file to match any changes in your older exile.ini SIDENOTE: the new exile.ini no longer contains the lines with "Number of Inputs = #" (# is referring to any number within the file on this line)
  2. Run the Mysql Querys in the "Exile_Database_Update_64x.sql" file to properly update your database.
  3. Boot up your server and see if it works. If it does not work then go to your logs folder and find the error code and leave a message here and I'll get to you.

Go to https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile/wiki/Common-Errors--&-Issues for help with most issues.