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A conversion of ExtDB2 to ExtDB3 for Exile
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Supported server types:

  1. Windows 32Bit, 64Bit, Linux 32Bit

Exile 64bit Edition Conversion

  1. Open your @ExileServer Folder and delete the following files : extDB2.dll , , extDB2-conf.ini , XM8.dll ,
  2. Download the git release of the Exdb3 Exile patch ( Press the clone/download button.
  3. Copy the @ExileServer file into the server directory
  4. Copy the contents of Exile.MapName INTO your mission file.
  5. Open your config.cpp and do the following:

In your config.cpp Add: #include "CfgExileCustomCode.cpp" Into: class CfgExileCustomCode { };

It will look like this in the end:

class CfgExileCustomCode 
    #include "CfgExileCustomCode.cpp" 
  1. Copy the TWO tbbmalloc.dll's (tbbmalloc.dll, tbbmalloc_x64.dll) to your server ROOT directory

Only do #10 if you are not a freshly installed exile server.

  1. Exit the Exile.ini file to match any changes in your older exile.ini SIDENOTE: the new exile.ini no longer contains the lines with "Number of Inputs = #" (# is referring to any number within the file on this line)
  2. Run the Mysql Querys in the "Exile_Database_Update_64x.sql" file to properly update your database.

Go to for help with most issues.

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