Brewing temperature control firmware for the BrewPi Spark (Particle Photon inside)
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Build Status

This is the main source code repository for the firmware on the BrewPi brewing temperature controller.

Getting started

End users will not have to compile the firmware themselves.

We provide pre-compiled binaries in releases.

Updating your controller

Our update script (part of brewpi-tools) automatically downloads the latest release to flash to your controller.

To update your controller, the brewpi script and the web interface, you will generally just run:

cd ~/brewpi-tools
sudo python

You can also upload to your controller from the BrewPi web interface. For the Spark Core, this requires that you already have a version of BrewPi running on it. If not, read how to flash via DFU below.

Building the firmware for the Brewpi Spark

If you want to make your own changes to the firmware, follow these steps:

  • in the firmwarwe repo, it is recommended to change to the "develop" branch: git checkout develop

Then browse to platform/spark/ in the firmware repo and run make:

cd platform/spark

To build for the photon, use

cd platform/spark
make PLATFORM=photon

This will build the binary to the file platform/spark/target/brewpi.bin. You can upload your new binary via the BrewPi web interface.

Flashing the firmware via DFU

If uploading firmware via the web interface fails, you can flash new firmware to your Spark Core with dfu-util. Please refer to this guide on our community forum.

You can also build the firmware and flash directly by running make program-dfu from platform/spark.


Please see our GitHub release for the change log


Unless stated elsewhere, file headers or otherwise, all files herein are licensed under an GPLv3 license. For more information, please read the LICENSE file.


Contributions to our firmware are very welcome. Please contact us first via our community forum to discuss what you want to code to make sure that it aligns with our road map.

Please send pull requests against the develop branch. We can only accept your pull request if you have signed our Contributor License Agreement (CLA).


Controlbox is the framework that we are using to build the next version of brewpi.

It's still work in progress - checkout the readme for details.