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LTI WHMIS Quiz Sample

This is an example LTI quiz with a WHMIS theme.

To install, copy these files to the root directory of your webserver and change the variable $SITE_URL in whmis.php to match your server name (if it is on a weird port, use syntax like

The LTI launch point for the quiz is whmis.php

Using Vagrant

If you don't want to install PHP, you can use vagrant to run the app in a virtual machine:

  1. Install Virtualbox

  2. Install Vagrant

  3. vagrant up (this will take a while - e.g. 20 minutes - the first time)

You're done! The application should be running on localhost:55555/whmis.php

You may need to run vagrant provision if you git pull any changes to the Vagrant file.

Building the Docker container

  1. Install Docker

  2. ./ from the directory containing the Dockerfile

Running the Docker container

This will expose the app on port 8080:

docker run --name quiz -p 8080:80 -e OAUTH_KEY=key -e OAUTH_SECRET=secret -e SITE_URL=http://localhost:8080 rschick/lti-quiz-sample

Environment vars:

OAUTH_KEY/OAUTH_SECRET: OAuth key/secret shared with LTI tool consumer

SITE_URL: Base URL for the site (no trailing slash)