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@BrikerMan BrikerMan released this Oct 18, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

Unfortunately, we renamed again for consistency and clarity. Here is the new naming style.

Backend pypi version desc
TensorFlow 2.x kashgari 2.x.x coming soon
TensorFlow 1.14+ kashgari 1.x.x current version
Keras kashgari 0.x.x legacy version

If you are using the kashgari-tf version. You only need to run this command to install the new version.

pip uninstall -y kashgari-tf
pip install kashgari

Here is how the existing versions changes

Supported Backend Kashgari Versions Kahgsari-tf Version
TensorFlow 2.x kashgari 2.x.x -
TensorFlow 1.14+ kashgari 1.0.1 -
TensorFlow 1.14+ kashgari 1.0.0 0.5.5
TensorFlow 1.14+ - 0.5.4
TensorFlow 1.14+ - 0.5.3
TensorFlow 1.14+ - 0.5.2
TensorFlow 1.14+ - 0.5.1
Keras (legacy) kashgari 0.2.6 -
Keras (legacy) kashgari 0.2.5 -
Keras (legacy) kashgari 0.x.x -
  • 💥Renaming pypi package name to kashgari.
  • Allows custom average types, logs to an array for easy access to the last epoch.
  • Add min_count parameter to the base_processor.
  • Add disable_auto_summary config.
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