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C++ application that uses memory and code hooks to detect packers
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The Packer Attacker is a generic hidden code extractor for Windows malware. It supports the following types of pacers:

  1. Running from heap
  2. Replaceing PE header
  3. Injecting in a process

The Packer Attacker is based on Microsoft Detours.


Compile with Microsoft C++ 2010 and Detours library. You'll have two files:

  1. PackerAttackerHook.dll - unpacking engine
  2. PackerAttacker.exe - DLL injector that executes malware and injects PackerAttackerHook.dll

Setting up

  1. Create folder C:\dumps - all the extracted hidden code will be saved there
  2. Put PackerAttacker.exe and PackerAttackerHook.dll to %PATH%
  3. If it's a clean machine you're going to need MSVC++ redistributable


PackerAttacker.exe <malware.exe>


Currently only PE EXE files are supported.

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